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Photoresist.cn has been running photoresist products and relative service since 2008.

We are familiar with all products represented, keep smooth communication between endusers and and the original manufacturer. We always pay attention to the latest applications for the most advanced materials in the field of lithography allover the world. It is our cutting-edge that a complete set of solution is able to be offered to enduser for new products in photoresists field, and we can communicate with the original factory quickly and timely to solve the problems in the use process. we have established a good stable relationships with our customers in past years.

Photoresist.cn has been growing steadily by years along with the growth of customers :
In 2008, we represented Korea dongjin photoresist, and now.reaches 80% market share for negative photoresist DNR-L300D1. In 2009, we represented Futurrex photoresist in the United States. In two years, our market share increased from zero to 70%. Until 2010, we have owned more than 60% share in Chinese relative university institute for photoresist. In 2014, we represented DOW photoresist.

Even though, in 2018, low-end photoresist has been replaced by domestic photoresist, but we have firmly maintained the leading position in high-end photoresist markets.

We expect more professional manufacturers to join us to gain a broader and prosperous markets.


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